PDF How to Use the Mindful Dating Journal

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How to Use the Mindful Dating Journal: A Companion to the Refill Pack

This 68-page color PDF file explains everything you need to know about a Mindful Dating Journal practice.

It has all the same valuable content as The Mindful Dating Journal: Find a Healthy Love That Lasts, except for the blank Journal pages (for those, you’ll need a sheet of paper, notebook, or you can purchase the Refill Pack).

Empower Yourself with Confidence & Build Self-Trust!

  • Lacking confidence and believing you’ll never find a partner?
  • Tired of being ghosted, catfished, and want to give up on dating?
  • Feel like you can’t even trust your own judgment, nor can you trust your dates?
  • Tired of repeating the same mistakes over and over in your relationships and dating life?

The Dating Struggle is Over.

The Mindful Dating Journal includes proven self-healing techniques to help you reconnect with yourself, build self-worth, develop emotional resilience. Prioritize yourself while making wise decisions to find the healthy love you deserve.

By using the powerful Journal prompts after each and every date, you can escape unhealthy dating patterns of the past and learn to trust yourself to make informed decisions on who to date and who to dump.

The Mindful Dating Journal Builds These Skills:

  • Reconnect with yourself & your needs.
  • Uncover compatibility sooner.
  • Avoid the honeymoon phase fantasy trap.
  • Establish and enforce your dating boundaries.
  • Tap into helpful messages from your body & emotions.
  • Embrace vulnerability and insecurity.
  • Feel confident in your ability to choose a healthy partner.

Start dating with more intention today!

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