Escape Your Toxic Dating Loop

Free PDF Toolkit + Checklist

This 7-page color PDF file explains what a Dating Loop is and why we get stuck in them in the first place. Includes a list of the common Dating Loops as well as a handy checklist. Learn the questions to ask yourself to expose what’s keeping you stuck.

Do you feel trapped in a toxic relationship pattern?

It’s okay! There’s nothing wrong with you.

It’s only your choices that are keeping you stuck in a painful Dating Loop.

Turns out, our toxic Dating Loops are perfectly natural and totally avoidable!

Info on All 8 Dating Loops

What is a Dating Loop?

A Dating Loop is a default pattern of behavior or coping mechanism that keeps you stuck in unhealthy relationships. This frustrating cycle is the result of childhood conditioning and the unconscious desire to heal unresolved traumas.

You may resonate with more than one Loop, and they may describe you or your past partners.

This Toolkit is for you if:

  • You don’t know where you’re going wrong in love.
  • You don’t trust yourself and feel out of control.
  • You feel like a victim of circumstance and find blame in others.
  • You feel like giving up on dating entirely.

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