Find a Healthy Love that Lasts

Get ready for love with this practical dating tool.

Date in Peace

Find your dating happy place in the present moment.

Trust yourself to make healthier choices this time around. Avoid toxic relationships, self-sabotaging behaviors, and re-opening old wounds. Feel confident in your ability to see yourself and the situation clearly with mindful awareness.

Not Just a Journal

Easy-to-digest explanations of evidence-based strategies.

The first half of this book explains, in simple terms, why and how mindfulness leads to dating success. Plus, you’ll find prompts to uncover your unique Dating Loop and explore what you’re heart is really craving from a lover.

Save Time

Learn when it’s time to walk away, or not!

Spoiler alert: Honoring yourself and validating your needs regularly means you will be less likely to settle for less than you deserve. Dating is a lot less scary when you’re self-worth isn’t wrapped up in your date’s approval or rejection.

This Time, Dating is Different

This is an empowered path to dating. YOU are in charge of your dating success. By taking the time to reflect in this journal after each date, you give yourself the time and space to make an informed decision you can feel good about.

Put more intention into your dating decisions.

This interactive workbook incorporates several popular self-healing modalities, including mindfulness, self-compassion, cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT), and dialectical behavior therapy (DBT). As a result, daters learn to reconnect with themselves, build self-worth, and make balanced dating decisions they can trust. Think of it like dating self-care.

Here’s What People are Saying

“Filled with tools and worksheets, this mindfulness-based interactive dating journal is guaranteed to increase your self-awareness, confidence and transform your world of dating.”
-Megan Logan, Amazon Best-Selling Author
“It wasn’t about making a list of traits that I want in a partner. It was about helping me be the best version of me in finding my partner!” – Natalie D.
“Do not go on a date without reading this first!” – Shelly T.
“It helped me start to see through the cracks to reveal my own wounds and begin to heal.” – Joe R.

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Here’s how it works

It’s easy: Date, reflect, repeat! Take a few minutes after each new date, as well as repeat dates with the same person. 

Escape the Dating Loop.

Sick of getting stuck in the same old dysfunctional relationship patterns? Learn how to avoid your typical Dating Loop pitfalls with Mindfulness. We break it down into three simple steps.

Reconnect With Yourself.

Put the focus back on you by discovering what you actually need and want in a relationship. You can uncover compatibility sooner by asking yourself the right questions.

Make a Wise Choice.

Learn to embrace valuable input from your emotions and logical reasoning to make wiser dating decisions. Keep yourself in check with these proven self-healing exercises.

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About the Authors

Lauren Smith, co-author Mindful Dating Journal

Lauren Smith

Combining her own personal success story with her professional mindfulness training, Lauren empowers singles to ditch the dating struggle and claim the loving relationship they so deeply deserve. She’s spent years researching and growing through bad breakups to blaze a mindful dating path for other self-aware daters.

Christy Maxey MC, co-author Mindful Dating Journal

Christy Maxey, MC

Christy has been in the Mental Health Field for over two decades. A former therapist, now personal development coach and founder/author of the Maxx Method, she specializes in helping people heal the past by building emotional intelligence and uncovering true self-worth.